TV & Video


From the storyboard concept development through to the production and flighting, Bikini has created several television ads with a production budget ranging from R350000 to R1.2m. We work with a highly experienced and efficient crew to produce good quality commercials that are relevant and cost-effective.

Toughees 2005, Genuine Campaign 1/3

Toughees 2005, Genuine Campaign 2/3


Toughees 2005, Genuine Campaign 3/3


Toughees 2008, Shining Star Campaign


Toughees 2010, Together with Toughees Campaign 1/2


Toughees 2010, Together with Toughees Campaign 2/2


Toughees 2010, Behind the Scenes


Toughees 2010, Music Literacy Africa


Toughees 2013, Good Things Campaign



Talbot & Talbot, Diageo Conference Video 2014


Corner Bakery, Trade Presenter 2016