For maximum savings and quick turnaround times – use a low-cost retainer.

Tailored to get your simple graphic jobs done painlessly, quickly and cheaply! We like to keep our outfit tight and lean so that we can offer you the most personal, integrated and focused creative advertising and design service . Whatever your need, we know how to get the best for your brand. One week guaranteed presentation of creative, from date of brief. T&C’s apply.

10 Reasons why you might need Day-2-Day Design:

  1. You don’t have the required skills to do the graphic artwork.
  2. You don’t want the employment hassles of hiring your own creative staff.
  3. You don’t have the needed skills to manage the technical design issues.
  4. The costs of a print error because of incorrect artwork carries a high risk.
  5. You need more reliability than a freelancer can offer.
  6. You need the work to be done during office hours.
  7. Large advertising agencies take long & cost too much for simple creative work.
  8. You lack the resources to get print quotes that are what you really require.
  9. If you or your staff get sick or take leave the job does not get done.
  10. You want to focus your on your personal or business strengths.

5 Key Benefits of employing Bikini on a Day-2-Day retainer:

  1. Discounted rates & predictable design billings.
  2. Quicker creative response times (no delays waiting for Purchase Order’s/approval).
  3. Less administration (PO’s/approval).
  4. No internal HR, training, equipment or software problems.
  5. Agency able to be more proactive and offer more conceptual input.

QUICK: 1 WEEK GUARANTEE! Creative presented within 1 week from date of brief.
LOW-COST: SAVE 40% or MORE! Compared to our normal rates.

All Packages include use of the following staff and resources:

Dedicated designer & support:

  • A Designer familiar with your account’s preferences and needs.
  • A Production/Studio Manager.
  • An Art Director.
  • Computers & legal software.
  • Data Back-up system.
  • Internet, phones, etc.
  • Printer & materials.

Want a great design team, starting from R 2500/m

Get a package that suits your budget