Creative Projects

Individual Projects

Once-off jobs for Packaging, Corporate Identities, Catalogues & Websites.

Many of our clients require designs for once-off situations or elements that are to be regularly used by their sales-team. Packaging, websites and brand identities are common examples of this type of project work. Although these jobs are once-off, there are often many parts to it – for instance a multi-page catalogue or brochure, with inserts and an on-line video. If done right the first time, these sales tools are much like a capital investment in your business and may not need to be updated for several years, maintaining the ability to be used consistently.


Designs that need a concept & use within different media elements.

Some projects extend over several months and have multiple elements that require designing. Adverts might need to be resized for numerous publications or unique content added for different regions. Stores may need different size and format point-of-sale. Bikini ensures that you have a consitant message and look & feel across all elements. Bigger campaigns we have produced and managed have included everything from Trade presenters and point-of-sale to television adverts and billboard designs. Depending on the nature of your business and frequency of your advertising, a good campaign could be used over 2-3 years.

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