Jockey 2010 World Cup

Winning the pitch to produce Ninian & Lester’s 2010 Soccer World Cup campaign was a rewarding experience for us. The concept that was selected blended the product benefit (good support), with national pride. Our idea was to make the campaign relevant to the international and local tourist. By using the rainbow colours of the South African, we not only gave the campaign a strong local flavour, but the colours also incorporates most colours from other nationalities flags. This tied in well to the fact that many supporters decorate themselves in their team’s colours.

The campaign included billboards, bus-stops (outside shopping centres and on tourist routes), in-flight magazines and in-store point of sale. In addition we selected major shopping centres at locations and times that coincided with popular matches and then had activations where the promotional girls were painted in the competing team’s colours. They then encouraged shoppers to “Show their Jocks”. If they were wearing Jockeys they were given a pair of free socks and if not, they were directed to a store in the centre where they could purchase them (and then come claim their socks).


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