ABI – Phoenix Industrial

“Each branch of the ABI group competes for the prestigious annual Plant of the Year award. With this objective in mind, Bikini was tasked with creating tools to assist with morale, inform and inspire. We created a personal identity to differentiate them from other branches and then produced a monthly newsletter. As there was already a lot of group media from both SABMiller and ABI, we didn’t want to duplicate this communication. Our solution was to give the style a fun, non-corporate look. The content was kept short and split into sections such as finances, health, KPI’s, etc. We also had a section devoted to “getting to know the staff”. On the reverse was a poster that highlighted certain occassions or focused on specific issues or topics of the time. In addition to the newsletter, we also produced motivational banners, KPI and information boards and internal event communication.”


Other Projects

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    E Skin


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    Luckyman Brew

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    Bfor Mobile

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    Corner Bakery

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    Bata Industrials

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    Domain Property

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    Talbot & Talbot

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