If a picture is worth a thousand words – make sure your picture is saying good things!

When a concept or design can’t be resolved through the use of stock images or existing photos, Bikini will contact the right photographer for the job. Knowing which photographer has the best skills for natural-light shoots or who would be best suited to working with children is as important as having the right equipment for the job. Combining that with an experienced eye-for-detail when art-directing is the secret to getting photos that make your product look superior to your competitors.

Do you want photos that make your product look awesome?

Get us to produce photos that wow!


At a loss for words? You give us the facts, and we will write the magic.

Having English as a home language does not make someone proficient at writing good copy. Good copy is more than correct spelling and grammar, it should have a tone and style that suits your brand. It should educate, or inspire. It should have a call to action that gets the reader to take the next step to get your product or service. Sometimes you have limited space to say the right thing and at other times you need to use the correct technical terminology to communicate with your target market on their level. Getting this right takes skill and sometimes research. So rather than holding up the whole project while you try find the time to get your own work done AND still produce something that doesn’t put the reader to sleep – get the experts to add magic to the black and white.

Keep your reader’s from skipping what you want them to know!

Let us create copywriting that works