Identify your offering, what motivates customers & how to reach them.

A good knowledge and understanding of who your customers are is essential, not just for your advertising, but for all aspects of your business (eg it can help you decide how to decorate your environment or assist with staff selection choices). A good marketing strategy will help you identify who your ideal customer is, how to find them, and what they will respond to. The more you know about them the more informed and rational your decisions can be.

The strategy would also give your staff (and even the owner) a clear idea of who and what the company is, and where and why it is going in a certain direction. In addition to knowing your customer better, and getting a clear vision of your own company, the strategy will also briefly analyse your competitors to see where your greatest opportunity and threats lie.Having a marketing strategy gives your company direction and focus. From this key information, you are now able to compile a meaningful Communication Strategy. With this you have something to judge wether those “special priced ads” will align into with marketing objectives.

What you get:

  • Landscape
  • Target Market
  • Motivators
  • Competitor Advantage
  • Brand Positioning
  • Communication Objectives

  • Marketing Material Review
  • Marketing Material
  • Communication Strategy
    • Creative Concept
    • Media Channels
    • Timing Plan

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