Finding the right balance of quality, cost and reliability ensures there are no dissapointing outcomes.

If terms such as DPI, registration marks, Process Colours, Bleed, etc have as much meaning to you as Lorem Ipsum, then Bikini’s production service will save you lots of headaches. Even if you are familiar with these terms, you may prefer to be using your time doing what you do best in your job, rather than decifering and chasing quote requests and delivery deadlines, proofing jobs on the press or identifying whose responsibilty it is when things dont run smoothly. Using our years of experience and relationships with a broad range of suppliers we are able to ensure that you get the best result delivered to you. Our thorough knowledge of the artwork process means we can ensure that we are getting quotes on the best print method.

We know that best practise of large corporates requires 3 quotes, so this has become standard practice for us – regardless of the size of our client. The 3 quotes are selected from suppliers who we know will be best suited to your jobs individual needs, eg if you need the job urgently printed, we would approach companies who we know are reliable and able to deliver the job in time. Using our knowledge & experience of the print methods, and a database of suppliers who we have tested for expertise, quality, price and reliability we can ensure that you are getting the best result for your spend.

This service covers the entire process:

  • Quoting (and review of quotes)
  • Delivery of artwork
  • Approval of Colour proofs
  • Proofing jobs on the machine (quality control)
  • Invoice approval and payments
  • Delivery (and ensuring delivery deadlines are met)

Bikini will figure out your needs, then make all arrangements for your print work.

Reduce stress & source your printing