You have a budget and a need to raise awareness of your product to the mass market.

A Comm. strat. is a recommendation of which media or advertising and marketing channels will get you the most leverage for spend. Having this prevents you placing ads that don’t get work or doing activities that do not help your company reach it’s goals.Because there are so many media choices (different magazines, tv channels, billboards and now social media platforms  and millions of websites, etc…) Further complicate that with frequency, timing and sizes and it can be overwhelming to know which will get you the best results for your spend. Selecting media is a blend of timing, budget, target markets, creative and objectives. Ideally media choice should give the right blend of impact, frequency and reach. A cheap advert – does not mean wise advertising.

There are two parts to Media selection – the Strategy and the Plan. The Strategy is somewhat similar to your Marketing & Communication strategy. Where the Comm. Strat. looks at message, the Media Strat. focuses solely on Media choices / channels, identifying which types of media are best suited for your campaign and target market. The Media Plan is the shortlist of choices broken down into a timeline. Ideally you want to get the same message across in as many different media channels as often as possible. But you obviously only have a limited pie to carve those pieces from. Too many pieces and your customer (target market) wont be able to taste the pie. If the pieces are too big it will all be gone in one bite.

Included in this service:

  • Communication strategy
  • Media (Timing) plan
  • Media selection
  • Bookings
  • Campaign feedback

Too many options to decide or are you always doing the same thing expecting different results?

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