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We have experience working on National, Provincial and Regional campaigns. Making sure all the pieces of a campaign or project come together can be like a juggling act. Will printer A deliver as promised so that Printer B’s elements can ship at the same time. Will the store be expecting the delivery and will the point-of-sale you created be suited to their store-fittings? The advert is due for flighting on the 22 of the month, which means the photography needs to be completed 4 months in advance, etc. Not to mention that the size 10 staff you hired for the launch event are actually size 12 and are not fitting into the outfits you have tailored-made. Fitting all of these pieces together is the kind of stress Bikini is geared to handle. It’s why you can tell your boss the job is ahead of schedule instead of chewing your nails while you anxiously wait by the phone for some good news or you can  simply sit back and focus on doing what you enjoy most – and probably do best…

As an example of a National campaign we have been managing for over 10 years: the annual Toughees Back-to-school Campaigns have included a combination of Television, magazine and radio adverts, supported by point-of-sale in all Major retailers such as Edgars, PEP, Ackermans, Jet and hundreds of independent stores. We were responsible for the creative concept, graphic design and production and distribution of all the required elements. Another example the Jockey 2010 campaign, Which included activations in all major metros supported by outdoor and magazine ads. On a regional size our managed campaigns have included press (newspaper), magazine, outdoor and online media.

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