Beginning as a two-piece, seeking better briefs
Bikini began as the Creative Two-piece in March 2005, when two art-directors decided that together they could make a bigger splash by taking greater ownership of the creative process from its point of origin – the client.
Looking back there was a lot of faith that went into that decision as those two designers set up shop without a single client. Fortunately their reputation for good work, and honest ethics lead some of the marketing managers from brands they had worked on to find them and offer them the opportunity to take on that work. It was the start of several relationships that have lasted over 10 years.
Founding member and creative director, Marco Fuini has over 20 years in the industry with extensive experience with small start-up businesses through to national and international accounts. Knowledge gained from working with fast moving consumer goods to corporate service accounts equips well him to deal with the wide-variety of advertising and marketing challenges that every business faces.


Tight & trim, but in range of choices that best fit
Today Bikini continues to offer a holistic service to their clients, motivated by an understanding that within every business (regardless of size) the advertising solutions vary depending on marketing objectives of the project, budget, timings, etc.
This is why adaptability and flexibility are essential to the way we work. In all things, we strive to excel in a top quality product, high levels of service, strict adherence to deadlines, professional integrity and personal respect for our clients and our business associates.
From print based work like retail point-of-sale and packaging design to TV and online media, we pride ourselves on resolving briefs quickly and with accurate creative solutions!
We work to identify that primary message that will achieve the best result (for that target market and objective) and only then do we craft that message into a high-quality design, with an attention to detail.


It’s all about being pleasing to the eye & mind
Our philosophy:
Produce eye-catching creative that is appropriate for the client’s marketing objective. The visual communication produced needs to be cost-effective, without sacrificing quality. Achieve this with as few changes as possible – this is made possible by taking good briefs and giving additional creative input through our experience and expertise.
Our goal:
Saving our clients time, stress and money. Produce work that adds value and effectiveness to their sales process. We promise to…

  • Reduce your stress.
  • Improve your exposure.
  • Free-up your time.
  • Make you look good!

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